21 Ağu

Fifth of the Culture Nights Held in Çanakkale

21 Ağu 2016
Öğeyi Oyla
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Fifth of the Culture Nights Held in Çanakkale

Çanakkale has been the fifth stop of the Culture Nights organised by the Turkish Radio Channel Sound of Turkish as a part of the Turkish Summer School program. After Samsun, Ankara, Denizli and İzmir, the Friendship Truck that travels from town to town, was welcomed with great joy in Çanakkale as well.

20 students from 10 countries who had their training at the Çanakkale 18 March University as the guests of Yunus Emre Institute and attended many cultural activities were the ones who welcomed the Friendship Truck at Çanakkale Republic Square. The activities at the square that lasted for two hours have been the stage for many fond moments. In the meantime, guest students gave support messages to Turkey and sang and danced together to the tunes of local Çanakkale folk songs.


Following the program at the Republic Square, Çanakkale 18 March University hosted a dinner featuring many different activities and events. Ardita Bylo, one of the students of the Turkish Summer School Program in Çanakkale, gave the audience a great time with her performance of Turkish songs. After the dinner, Culture Nights have officially started with all their fun and excitement at the İskele Square which is the most central spot in Çanakkale and is an open-air museum where a life-sized model of the historic “Trojan Horse” and many other models depicting the history of Çanakkale from ancient ages to our day are on display. Çanakkale locals visiting the İskele Square gave a warm welcome to the Turkish Summer School students.


Culture Nights started with a series of activities and competitions presented by the host Mert Talat Dilekçioğlu with the participation of Çanakkale residents who filled up the square. Deputy Mayor of Çanakkale Ali Sürücü, too, was present at the opening of the Culture Nights where the Deputy Director of Yunus Emre Institute Assoc. Prof Ebubekir Ceylan delivered an opening speech. Ceylan talked about the Institute’s activities and Turkish Summer School program and expressed the Instiute’s thanks to the Governor and Mayor of Çanakkale, to the Çanakkale 19 March University and the local people for their support.


Following the opening speech, 20 students colouring up the square with their local folk dance attire awed the audience with their folk dance performance, the “harmandalı”. Turkish Summer School students performed the dance one more time upon the audience's request and introduced themselves after the performance.


After the folk dance performance, “I Compete in Turkish” competition, which is an activity much anticipated by all has started. Haleh Zamanfer from Iran, Sabah Sıla from Morocco, Ulzhan Chingizova from Kazakhistan, Rovshan Almazov from Poland and Ardita Bylo from Albania were the contestants of the amicable competition wich was broadcast live on Sound of Turkish Radio. Three students who scored eight out of ten questions on Turkish culture, history, art, history of Çanakkale and Turkish grammar shared the top place. Hale Zamanfar, Rovshan Almazov and Ulzhan Chingizova received their awards from the Institute’s Deputy Director Assoc. Prof. Ebubekir Ceylan.


Widely attended by Çanakkale locals, Culture Nights ended with a family photo taken after the competition. Next stop of Culture Nights will be in Bursa. The Friendship Truck will meet with 40 students from 20 countries and the people of Bursa at the city’s Main Square on August 14, Sunday, between 8 and 10 P.M.


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